Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Tea with Jane Austen

Merry Christmas!

I enjoyed some tea time with Jane Austen this week.  I haven't read the commemorative book on Pride and Prejudice yet, but  had fun flipping through it and reading bits and pieces while sipping on Chocolate spicy chai tea!

This month has been busy with two  lovely tea parties.  I was able to take my Jane Austen tea sandwiches to  both occasions and was pleased with the results each time.  The cookie cutter can be purchased at  

For those of you involved in the Nov./ Dec. Pen Friend exchange, I hope you have had at least one letter exchange and hopefully a second one in the mail soon.    I need to get my second letters in the mail this week.

Have a blessed and happy day,

Write Letters,
Write Often.

Lady Pamela