Is The Society Right For Me?

Is The Society Right For Me?


  • Do you long to reestablish  or establish connections with friends and relatives in a meaningful way that doesn't involve an electronic device? 
  • Do you find yourself looking longingly through the day's mail for clues to a "real letter" i.e. pretty stationery, hand-writing on an envelope?
  • Do you find yourself looking at the stationery section of a card shop and feeling your pulse quicken at the beautiful Italian -made stationery?
  • When you ARE fortunate enough to get a "real letter" do you delay opening it until you are alone to "savor" the contents of it in privacy, perhaps with a cup of tea? 
  • Do you enjoy writing long chatty letters detailing with the perhaps, mundane, of your life in an enchanting way?
If you have answered "yes" to the above questions, then perhaps you would like to join my little "Jane Austen Letter Writing Society"   What is the Jane Austen Letter Writing Society?  Plain and simple , it is a network of women , young and old who have discovered or rediscovered the simple joys of letter writing?  We hope to encourage one another in our letter writing journey by means of tips, ideas, challenges,pithy  or inspirational quotes, improved vocabulary , learning more about the  letter writing etiquette and forms of an era long forgotten.  And let's not forget  the pleasures of the world of letter writing embellishments such as, but not limited to, waxed seals, fountain pens, inks, pressed flowers and home -made stationery.  For more up to date information  about the Society, please view my home page.

Hoping to see you soon,

Lady Pamela

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