Thursday, March 24, 2016

Jane Austen Letter Writing Society First GIVE AWAY!!!!

It's Time For A Give AWAY!

Hello dear lovers of all things Jane Austen!  It has been quite a while since this blog has been up and running...and yet without a give away.  So let me amend this problem, post haste!

Of course , I consulted with Jane herself.  She approved of my selection.

I'm sure if you are a pursuer of Etsy  for Jane Austen  accessories , you have encountered "The Scottish Rebel "  Miss Esther does astonishing work with literary themes.  Of course I have favorited all of her Jane Austen necklaces.  They are gorgeous. I have selected one of her necklaces , "Jane Fan" to offer as my first give away.  

I had no idea of the amazing quality until I received the necklace.  The chain is thick and sturdy.  The charms are beautiful...this one features an open book with a crystal.  The actual square picture has a raised glass edge, to give it a dimensional feel.  I just know that you will love this!  How can you win this gorgeous necklace?  It is simple:  1.) follow me, and  2.)leave a comment of why you enjoy Jane Austen.

This give away will end Next Friday:  April 1st...this is NO joke!  Have FUN everyone!


Lady Pamela

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tea With Jane...And A New Book...

Tea Time With Jane Austen

Today I had tea with  Jane... literally!  How did she know that I had out my beautiful pink Adderly Lawley England tea cup and saucer?  She matched perfectly!

She looked at the fare and approved.

I had a "new" book at my side while sipping on my tea by the title, Jane by Jean Gould.  I've had this one my shelf for quite some time and just have never taken the time to read it.  It is a juvenile biography of Miss Jane Austen, from her childhood on.  When reading the book, it is quickly quite evident that the author had done her research!

And my!  I happen to own a "first edition"!

The illustrations are lovely.

Have you read any good Jane Austen books lately?  My tea time was lovely, I hope yours was as  well.  Now off to write a letter.  

Clinking my tea cup to you,

Lady Pamela