Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How To Craft A Jane Austen Styled Letter

Creating Mail

Lady Alyssa sent me a most charming letter , but my delay in responding was  inexcusable.  The Holidays really did take its toll on me, and my letter writing and "creating mail" had to take a back seat temporarily.  The term "creating mail" is referring to the creative process of the crafting of a letter...taking the time to put thought and consideration into who I am writing to  and what I want to create for them.  The actual letter also takes a bit of time as I  must select my paper, pen, ink, nib.etc. I also always try to have the person's letter whom I am writing to, in front of me, so that I may refer to any questions they had for me, and for me to make comments on the contents of their letter.  Some times my entire letter is commenting on what they had written!  But usually it is about half and half. Comments on their letters, and what is going on in my little world.

This letter is dressed and ready for a wax seal to finish it off.

I enjoy this seal enormously.  It is the pigeon delivering a letter.  So quaint and charming!

Because of the doily on the outside of this letter, I have placed this envelope inside of a cello bag to protect it, as it journeys through the sorting machines of the USPS.  I put another stamp on the outside of the Cello Bag.  And now it has plunged into the mysterious seas of its postal pilgrimage as it winds its way to  Lady Alyssa.

What about you?  Have you crafted any lovely letters lately?  I welcome any letters that you would like to write, and promise to return the favor.  If you do send me a letter,  it may featured on this blog,  so that others may be inspired.

Write Letters,
Write Often!  

Lady Pamela


  1. I love how you package your letters! I shall be writing your soon!

  2. I just found your site, and am perusing around. I would love to send you a letter!

  3. This is really lovely. I am sending a letter a long way and may want to use a padded envelope. However, I find them to be rather boring. Can you tell me where you sourced this envelope with the black filigree?
    Thanks so much!

    1. This is actually a paper bag! I purchased it at a paper supply store.