Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Tea with Jane Austen

Merry Christmas!

I enjoyed some tea time with Jane Austen this week.  I haven't read the commemorative book on Pride and Prejudice yet, but  had fun flipping through it and reading bits and pieces while sipping on Chocolate spicy chai tea!

This month has been busy with two  lovely tea parties.  I was able to take my Jane Austen tea sandwiches to  both occasions and was pleased with the results each time.  The cookie cutter can be purchased at  

For those of you involved in the Nov./ Dec. Pen Friend exchange, I hope you have had at least one letter exchange and hopefully a second one in the mail soon.    I need to get my second letters in the mail this week.

Have a blessed and happy day,

Write Letters,
Write Often.

Lady Pamela

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Jane Austen Letter Writing Society Kit On SALE!

Make Haste!  Make Haste!

Just a quick note!  If you have been wanting to purchase a Jane Austen Letter Writing Society Kit, don't delay!  My Etsy Store:  LostArtRevived is having a 20% off the entire store, which means all of my letter writing kits!  This sale is going on NOW and will end Monday at midnight. 

Write Letters,
Write Often,

Lady Pamela

Jane Austen and Living Simply

The Allure of the Simple Life...

Simple living is a vaporous idea , beyond the grasp of most  people today in our fast pace, technology driven world.  Think of the number of times that we don't even slow down enough to simply take a stroll outside, looking at our changing surroundings.  I believe that Jane Austen's novels strike a chord in many of us regarding the simplicity, and slowness of the lives that the characters seem to live.  The characters took walks,  had gardens, visited the sea shore, wrote letters, visited friends.  All of these things somehow seem to be a shadowy existence to us today.  But one day recently, I slowed down and felt that I was doing an "Austen-ish" thing!  I was outside raking leaves, when I cast a glance over at the wild flower beds in front of our home.  It was a withering mess, with weeds, bent over long stems, dried seed pods, but still, gorgeous blooms peeking out here and there.  I decided to retire the flower bed and "put it to bed" for the year.  

Do you remember the scene in the A & E version of Pride and Prejudice when Lizzy and Jane Bennet are in the garden with their baskets picking flowers, and Jane's famous line: 

 I shall be perfectly content … I shall be myself again …..  

I love that scene...I guess because I love flower gardens and the simplicity of the scene.

So, here I am, slowing down on this warm, balmy November day, enjoying the beauty of a dying garden and making beautiful bouquets.

Saving seeds for next years garden!

Oh my little I avail myself to its simple pleasures!

This furry creature, Shadow, needs no lessons on slowing down, and enjoying the opportunity of an almost empty flower box!  What about you?  Have you had any simple pleasures lately?  I enjoyed my break in routine to enjoy the beauty around me in Austen style  and  I will be including a package of seeds in forthcoming letters to friends, a reminder of a simple time.

Write Letters,
Write Often,

Lady Pamela

Monday, November 16, 2015

Austen Mail, Outgoing!

Outgoing Austen Mail!

Has everyone put pen to paper yet?  I know some of you have.  My daughter told me that she had received her "Austen Mail" even BEFORE I had gotten around to writing mine!  That got me motivated, and I carved out the time to get my Austen mail out the door and into the mailbox!  I had such an enjoyable time penning my letters, and putting ink to paper.  Such a lovely pastime.  

I went to work on my envelopes.  One of my pen friends is an "Elinor Dashwood", so I used sheets out of a copy of Sense and Sensibility to  decorate my envelope.  I did put these letters in a cello envelope to protect it, and to give the USPS a helping hand.  I added additional postage as well.

I wanted to let you know that these Jane Austen Letter Writing Society postcards are now available in my LostArtRevived Etsy store.  If you are looking for some Jane Austen -ish  postcards, this might fit the bill.

I hope you having an enjoyable experience  in the Pen Friend  exchange.

Write Letters,
Write Often,

Lady Pamela

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tea With Jane, Books, and Letters!

The Making Of Pride And Prejudice...

We have had several days here in Central Virginia of heavy rains and very cool temperatures.  Today called for a hearty mug, not a delicate tea cup to take my tea . A cup of robust Chai and a nibble on one of these dense muffins of every sort of grain, or seed imaginable, and I am set! 

 I have been re-reading The Making of Pride And Prejudice, I think this is my third read  through.     The book is, of course, photo rich, and full of so many details  of the actual film making.   Just the fact that  the film project was on the back burner for oh, lets say, 11 years before production began is hard to imagine.  The book also chronicles all of the deadlines,  searches for the perfect houses,  procuring the period musicians (on period instruments), etc. etc  All of the dance scenes (Meryton assembly, and the Netherfield ball where musicians are shown , they  showed up and just played the music, absolutely NO practice beforehand.  The only exception to this was the fortepiano key board player.  He got a running start, receiving the score 2 days prior to filming!  It is such a delightful read, I highly recommend the book.

Do I have everyone settled for the  Nov. / Dec. Pen Friend Exchange?  Please let me know if you have not made contact with your pen friend.  I plan to get my letter out  by tomorrow.   Please feel free to leave comments below about how you plan to approach this round of letters.  Do you have any special topics of discussion?  Do you have any creative ideas to share?  Anyone doing the ghost writing challenge?   I am going to begin with an introduction letter, and go from there.  I have a special idea for December that I will be sharing later this month.  

Write Letters,
Write Often,

Lady Pamela

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Last Call for Pen Friend Sign Ups!

Tomorrow  is the last day to sign up...

"Which of all my important nothings shall I tell you first?"

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the November/December Pen Friend Exchange.  All the details can be found here .

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at:

Write Letters,
Write Often,

Lady Pamela

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tea With Jane...and letters!

Tuesday Tea Time and Letters!
Autumn Tea...

I just got a box of "seconds" from an apple orchard.  Yesterday I spent the day in the kitchen making apple pie filling to freeze.  The whole house smelled of the wonderful aroma of cinnamon and tart apples.  But with all of that standing ... my sore feet were asking for a bit of a break, and so the kettle went on!  Spiced Apple Cider tea seemed to fit the bill.  Today, with the lingering memories of apple fragrances, the same tea  will be my tea of choice.

And you know ,of course, that it is not healthy to take tea alone.  It is always best to invite a guest.  Mr. Tea was just "hanging around" so  he naturally  was invited.

We have very autumn-ish weather happening here in central Virginia.  Temperatures are cool and the promise of rain is inevitable. This is definitely "snuggle down with a book" sort of day. What book are you reading right now? Currently, I am still reading The Jane Austen Guide To Life, and still enjoying it. Now, I realize that all great readers are not necessarily  letter writers, but I believe there might be a strong correlation for this:  All great  letter writers are usually bibliophiles!

I find that reading seems to inspire me for letter writing. I'm not sure if it is the dialog, vocabulary, or just the remarkable descriptions in so much good literature that keeps  me reaching for my pen and paper.  But I certainly notice the beneficial effect of reading and writing. I have plenty of correspondence to catch up with and am currently working on an organizational system to keep me from slipping into epistolary debt.  Not really being able to relate to Jane Austen's being a lady of leisure, I find that  trying to just keep order in all areas of my life quite a challenge.

But back to this dreary, chilly, rainy day (outwardly).  Inside is warm and dry and inviting for my spot of tea,  a few pages of a good read, and always...letters.  And Autumn colors lend themselves to cheerful, delightful mail!  So find that stash of goodness and put them to use.

Write Letters,
Write Often!

Lady Pamela

Monday, October 26, 2015

Make Haste! Make Haste!

It's Time To Sign Up For The Jane Austen Letter Writing Society 
Pen Friend Exchange!


Just a reminder that sign ups are going on right now. The registration for this exchange expires in just 4 days, Oct. 30th. This is a totally FREE  Pen Friend service that will match you to your very own Jane Austen persona, or you could select a different personality to correspond with.  If you do not know if you are an Elizabeth, Anne, Marianna, Elinor, etc-- then do not distress, I have a link in the side bar to your right (below the Jane Austen Thesaurus) that will take you  (with one click) to the Jane Austen Heroines Quiz  to discover your very own character that you can relate to.

The details of the November /December Pen Friend exchange can be found Here .

If you are interested in becoming a Society Member, just fill out the Pen Friend Application found at the tab at the top of this page.  Cut and paste the application into an email.  Fill out the application and then simply send it to Lady Pamela at :

I am here to assist you in any way that I possibly can, in navigating  letter writing perplexities.  Our highest aim is to make your experience a pleasurable one.

Write Letters,
Write Often.

Lady Pamela

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tea With Jane Austen

Tuesday Tea Time And Letters

How has your Tuesday been?  I had a lovely cup of tea and started reading this delightful book by Lori Smith, The Jane Austen Guide To Life.  The book, described as " a light biography and guide...on everything from living our dreams, being a woman of substance, finding a good man, managing money, and more" certainly delivers.  I am enjoying its thoughtful, meditative style-- almost prosaic.  Perfect to snuggle up with on these chilly days and sipping a hot cup of  tea (in this case, Chocolate Chai).  And yes, I have laundry needing to be folded, dishes are in the sink, and papers need grading.  Those things can wait for I believe that there needs to be a time for loveliness and physical rest each day even if it doesn't amount to more than 15 minutes.  Do you concur?

After reading a bit about all the struggles Jane Austen endured with her writing, it made me feel ashamed of all the excuses I give for not pursuing my projects with the same ardor.  Did you realize that Jane Austen had been writing for 25 years before her first book was published?  Incredible.  I haven't read far into the book, but what I have read, I highly recommend.  

So my afternoon ritual of putting the kettle on , sipping tea, and reading a few pages from a good book gets me primed to sit down and write a letter to my own "dear Cassandra".  I am indeed blessed to have two sisters to write to.  To whom  will you be writing today?

Write Letters,
Write often,

Lady Pamela

Thursday, October 15, 2015

November/December Pen Friend Exchange Sign Ups Commence!

Now Receiving Pen Friend Applications for the 

Jane Austen Letter Writing Society

How To Secure A Pen Friend: 

It is time to sign up for the next Jane Austen a Letter Writing Society Pen Friend exchange beginning November 1- December 31 2015.  The process is simple.  Click  on the tab at the top of this page that says"Pen Friend Application".  Cut and paste the form into  the body of an email and answer the questions.  Then mail the completed form to me, Lady Pamela,  at .  November 1st I will send you your Pen Friend  match.  At that point you need to make email contact with your partner and then send a Jane Austen styled letter to your partner within 5 days of receiving your Pen Friend match.  This round will last a full two months, so you should be able to get at least two  letters to your partner (if international) and more for domestic match ups.  Sign up deadline for the Nov./Dec. exchange is October 30th.

Try some of these basic letter writing ideas for your Jane Austen letter:

  • Write your letter on paper that looks period, perhaps some parchment if you have any.
  • Try using a dipping pen, if you are adventurous, give a try at using a quill pen.
  • Perhaps spend some of your letter discussing how you became interested in the Jane Austen novels, and discuss your favorite novel and why it is your favorite.
  • Did you know that you can use the Jane Austen Thesaurus to make sure that the words you use are words that Jane herself used. I have a button on the right column of this site that will take you to  the Jane Austen Thesaurus. (Personally, I have used the thesaurus for small projects, but haven't used it yet for letter writing.)  Ha, this could be a challenge all in its own!
  • Relax and have fun, these ideas are NOT mandatory, they are just suggestions for those who are new to letter writing and  the Society.

Janeite Letter Writing Challenge:  (Optional)

Jane Austen Challenge for November/December  was suggested by a participant from the last round.  I am sorry that I have lost  the email that revealed who brought this challenge to my attention.  (Please email me to let me know so that I can give you the proper credit for this challenge.)
The Challenge is to be a "ghost writer" of sorts.  You select a character (major or minor) from any of Jane Austen's novels and assume that character as you write the letter.  You may add to that character, giving more depth to the character by way of carrying his or her story into more detail.

If you are wanting to do this "ghost writing", please let your partner know when you email them.  I think that would be a proper thing to do.  You could also make the character writing just a part of your letter, or the whole  letter.  That would be up to you.  Sounds wonderfully  creative, and interesting.

Thank you , dear readers, for your input and suggestions.  As always, I am here to help you navigate this Society.  If you run into any problems, please let me know as quickly as possible.

Affectionately yours,

Lady Pamela

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Tea Time and Letters

Tea with Jane

This is such a lovely book.  Have you read it?  I have re read it for a second time and it was just as enjoyable as the first read.  Kim Wilson  pulls out nearly every mention of tea from all of Jane Austen's novels and letters.  I find that fascinating--does that make me a nerd?

I am having some black tea, Lipton Natural Energy...for a little pick up  this afternoon.  What about you?  Do you have any tea rituals when you sit down to write letters?  I wonder if Jane did?  She was in charge of the tea in her home.  She held the key to the cabinet where the tea was stored and typically made the tea for the family at breakfast.

Sometimes, when I receive several letters in one day, I put the kettle on, and make a pot of tea, place it in it's cozy to keep it warm, put it on a tea tray with some goodies, and  then I make my way to my sitting room for some quite time to enjoy my tea and letters.  Perfect relaxation!

Just a business note...the Pen Friend sign ups for November/December begin on Thursday Oct. 15th.  But, I have already received several !  This will be a lovely exchange.  Details coming.

Have a beautiful tea (or coffee if that is what you prefer) inspired day,

Lady Pamela

Thursday, October 8, 2015

My Jane Austen Letter .... Round 1

5 Hidden Quotes...

Did everyone get their letter off to their Pen Friend of the first round?  I was a bit rusty with my dipping pen.  I have been neglecting the art of writing with a dip pen.  Dear Mrs. Duffy at Letter Matters had sent me a feather quill that she had cut, but I was too nervous using it on this project.  I must practice to get the feel of a feather quill tip.  


  It is believed that Ms. Jane Austen used feathered quill pens for writing.  Handwriting in the Time of Jane Austen  is a nice article on what Jane Austen most probably used.  I'm afraid my steel nib was probably not  much of an option for Jane and my paper and ink are not period.  

Did anyone do the 5 Austen Quotes embedded in the letter?  I actually have 6 quotes and so I suppose one is a bonus quote.  I wrote out the quotes on a separate piece of paper and enclosed it in a mini envelope

After my letter was written to my satisfaction, I decided to see about adding a tad of interest to the outside of the envelope.  Before the Janeite gestapo get after me, I do realize that most (all?) of my letter is not "period"correct.  I am just trying to capture the spirit of genteel, thoughtful, civilized, letter writing.  But, if you are interested in doing things "period", then here is a great  article to show you how to fold your letter according to the time period:  How to Fold A Regency Letter .

Hmmmm.  You might think that the above picture of some cute stickers is a mistake on this blog post, but I assure you it is not.  I am inserting this photo because I made an astonishing discovery.  When I decided to place some string and a wax seal on the outside of the letter, I knew I would have to put it in a clear envelope due to postal regulations.  And here is where the discovery was made.  Did you know that the cello bag that holds these stickers fits a letter folded in this manner--perfectly?  So don't throw out those cello bags...reuse them!

Here is the letter protected with a clear cello bag (from the above sticker package).  Jane's silhouette is looking over the address, she is there to oversee that the letter reaches its destination. 

This letter is heading to the Netherlands.  I had the letter weighed at the post office after I had affixed my stamps and of course I had one too many. I count that as my donation to the USPS.

Please share your results of your letter writing experience.  I would be delighted to post them on this site.  Please email me at : for consideration.

May all that is pleasant, be yours.

Lady Pamela

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Why Yes, Long Bow Archery Can Be A Letter Writing Trait

  Who Are They?

For the history and discussion of this most interesting letter pictured, see:  1885 Letter

A Few Interesting Facts

After a rather long and exacting  night of matching requests to connect participants in the first Jane Austen Letter Writing Society's Pen Friend Exchange and a few errors made on my part (many apologies for the name typos from cutting and pasting wrong information into emails), the deed is done.  

After the match up, I decided to compile some data that would give a little glimpse at  who was participating.  Not surprisingly, we are a diverse lot!  


In total we had 24 participants sign up for the first Pen Friend Exchange.  That is a lovely number to begin with.  Thank you one and all for the interest and the excitement generated.

Where in the world?

17  USA
3    Spain
1    Mexico
1    Canada
1   Australia
1   Netherlands

Lizzy, Jane, Emma?

The question of what Jane Austen character do you most relate to was asked of  each Pen Friend applicant.  Here are the results.

Elizabeth Bennet  7
Emma Woodhouse  5
Anne Elliot  3
Jane Bennet  2
Elinor Dashwood  2
James Morland  1
Fanny/Emma   1
Emma/Elinor  1
Undecided  2

Diversity Has It!

Each participant was asked to list a few hobbies or interests.  I was completely amazed with the diverse talents and interests.  What a fabulous group of Pen Friends!

Letter Writing                                                     
Martial Arts
Knitting Lace
Bird watching                                                
Nature Walks                                                  
Making Postcards
Long Bow Archery                                          
Playing Ukulele                                                
Tea Drinking
Playing Piano                                                    
Ballroom Dancing                                            
Japanese Culture                                              
Fountain Pens
Playing the Fiddle

Just a note to all who are participating.  There are really no rules, this exchange exists to promote thoughtful, meaningful communication.  Write letters and send letters to your Pen Friend partner, it's really that simple. 

I am taking Pen Friend Applications for a WAITING LIST.  Please email me at: if interested.

The next Pen Friend Sign up will be begin on October 15th for the November/December Exchange.

Write Letters
Write Often

Lady Pamela

"A person who can write a long letter with ease, cannot write ill."
~~Jane Austen

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Let's Make Some Austen Mail!

DIY:  Vellum Window Envelope


                                   Supplies needed:  
                                   Envelope template or a favorite envelope you can take apart
                                   1 sheet of scrap book paper
                                   1 sheet of clear velum
                                   Scissors, tape, glue
                                   Sequins or other  confetti
                                   Austen silhouette  stickers or die cuts (Austentation)

Old Script Scrap Book Paper 12X12

We are going to make some "Austen Mail", in this case we are meaning making  modern Austen themed envelopes in which to send your lovely crossed letter written by hand with  dipping pen.  But of course, if you do not own such an item, any nice pen will work.  Envelopes were not used during Jane Austen's time would have added to the cost.  Manufactured envelopes appeared on the scene in the 1840's, well after Jane Austen's life.  

Envelopes would have been considered an additional sheet, so these very early letters did not include them.  A letter was simply folded over and sealed with wax that was stamped by a signet ring or a seal. [Jane Austen's World]

But let us continue on with our modern project. I am using an envelope template made by 
Kreate-a-lope.  But you do not need one of these contraptions.  You can simply take apart any envelope and  trace about it to make your own envelopes.

Here, I am positioning my template on this very nice old script paper, but the sheet is a bit too small , so the script will appear at an angle on the envelope.  That is perfectly fine.

 I have cut out the envelope according to my tracing of the template.

After cutting, then place the template piece inside and make your creases nice and crisp. But wait!  Do not glue the back flaps down just yet.  We will need to open the letter up and lay it flat and cut out a "window"  for this project.

Here is how the envelope looks at this point.  But I would like to make a cut away window to add a bit of interest to this envelope.

I have a large 2 inch diameter circle punch , but regrettably there is no way to punch the circle where I want it in the front of envelope.  So I cut out a circle template and traced around it on the envelope, then I carefully cut out the circle window.

The next step is to make a velum pocket.  Here is my sheet of velum.

I used a cutter to cut approximate dimensions for the pocket.

I laid the velum over the opened envelope to check by dimensions and make adjustments where needed.

I tried to use glue to close the pocket (all but one side) but with velum, the glue didn't work very well so I just used tape.

Next I glued in position one Austen silhouette in the pocket.

Things are looking good.  Next, it is time to add the "bling factor".  Sequins are nice and inexpensive, but you could use just about any confetti type of material. Pour a few sequins inside your pocket then seal  the pocket up.  I don't have a picture, but I did cut a piece of  pink scrap book paper  and glued it over the back of the velum pocket to give it a little color.   I then glued on a pink tag and added a smaller Jane Austen silhouette sticker on envelope as positioned below.   

This completes our "Jane Austen" modern themed envelope.  I hope you enjoy this project and that it offers you some inspiration for future envelopes.   I will be posting future "Austen Mail" here, so please stay tuned.


Lady Pamela

Thursday, August 13, 2015

September/October Pen Friend Sign Ups

Sign Up Today And  Austen-Inspired Challenge

It is time to begin.  Summer is waning and fall is just around the corner.  I love this time of year.  school begins, weather changes and there are new beginnings.  Soon it will be time to snuggle down with book in hand and a cup of tea.  Why not try something new?  I am extending you an invitation to join the Jane Austen Letter Writing Society by filling out the application  (you can easily access it by clicking on the page bar "Pen Friend Application Form").  Just cut and paste it into an email and send it to  I will take it from there.  Your Pen Friend Match will be sent to you  by September 16th.

************Not required to sign up, just a friendly challenge:***************

September/October Pen Friend Challenge:  Write a letter with  5 Jane Austen Novel Quotes cleverly placed in your letter, as if it is you or someone you are referring to in your letter.   Do not mention what novel they are from and do not put your quotes into quotation marks.  On a separate piece of paper folded up, list your quotes and what novels they are from.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or need any clarification.  This should be fun.  But again, the challenge is not necessary to join up for a pen friend.

Write Letters,
Write Often.

Lady Pamela

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Welcome to the Jane Austen Letter Writing Society!

Jane Austen Letter Writing Society

It has been a long time in coming but here we are finally together.  I am so happy that you have stopped by  this blog and hope that you will pull up a nice comfortable chair and have a cup of tea with me.  P.G. Tips or Twinings?  One lump or two?  Cream?

Tea with me!

I found myself in a predicament in  deciding how I was going to manage the "Society", was it going to be a periodic  post on my blog:  Lost Art of Letter Writing Revived...or was it going to stand alone? After thinking it through a bit, I realized that my letter writing blog covered so many different aspects of the snail mail world that  A "Jane Austen Letter Writing Society" would just get lost in the shuffle.  After this indisputable conclusion, I determined that it would indeed need to stand alone. So here we are dear reader, in a tiny corner of the blogosphere where we can discuss all things Austen and  enjoy sending each other Austen- inspired letters from an era long departed from the world in which we find ourselves today.

So, what  will  people DO exactly in this Jane Austen Letter Writing Society?  That's a wonderful question.  I have been pondering this very thing for quite some time.  Here are my thoughts on the matter.

1.  Of course, we will write and send letters.  But I wanted to fine tune this a bit and introduce you to a like-minded pen friend.  So this will be a pen pal matching site.  If you would like to be matched to another , you must first fill out the application and send it to me at  I will take your information and match you to another, who will hopefully be perfectly suited to your tastes.  Every other  month I will offer a new match up.  You may continue to write your previous pen friend and sign up for a new one or not.  The choice is yours.

2.  I will be issuing all sorts of fun Letter Writing Challenges in the Jane Austen inspired style.  I have a list of challenges compiled but for now I am keeping it under wraps.  I am open to what you, dear reader, might like to contribute or suggest in this area.

3.  There will be contests.  Yes, yes! ( Do I hear very genteel clapping?)  We will have a delightful time with  testing our wits on Austen trivia,  writing and submitting  essays, poems,  limericks,  and actually some fun challenges  on performing Regency era tasks in our very own time.  Ha, will just have to wait to hear these--have I piqued your interest?  I do hope so.

4.  Did I say tea?  Oh would you simply  indulge me just a tiny bit by allowing some discussion of tea?  I would love to hear of your tea rituals and recommendations.

5.  And finally, reader participation on this blog is VITAL. Being a blogger is a lonely affair a great deal of the time, particularly when you get absolutely no response from a post.  Did I miss the mark?  What went wrong?  Naturally, with no comments there are all sorts of second- guessing going on in the mind of a blogger.  I hope that we can have lively discussions by making comments, will you do this?  I do hope so.  Another way to participate will be by sending in submissions to be posted.  I will receive submissions on Regency letter writing themes, stationery, calligraphy, pen and inks, crossed,letters, tea, book reviews, blogs, and, of course, whatever is on your mind anything (within reason , gentle reader) Jane Austen. submissions may be made through .

Do you have questions?  Email me or just leave a comment.  Thank you for joining me.  I am looking forward to a rewarding time with you and the Jane Austen Letter Writing Society!


Lady Pamela