Thursday, January 12, 2017

Outgoing Austen Mail!

I've Been Busy....

Here is some of my recent Outgoing Austen Mail.  I am very behind on my letter writing, but I am slowly getting caught up.  Once I get started, I can hardly stop, it is so much fun!  I love every aspect of it, from the reading of YOUR letter , from  selecting/or making my stationery, penning a response, to making a lovely envelope...I love it all.

I even decided, during our snow storm, to burn the midnight oil.  It was so cozy sitting at my desk while snow was falling softly outside.  I love this desk, it is one of 5 that we have in our home.  But this is my favorite one.  Writing by candlelight is one of the most relaxing activities one can do.  Give it a try.

Here is a long overdue letter to Lady Anna.  She has been so patient and is such  a lovely correspondent.
It is going across  the pond to the great UK!

Tied with twine, sealed with wax.    I put these letters into clear cello bags.

This letter has a page from Pride and Prejudice...Nina, see if you can figure WHY I chose this particular scene out of P&P for you!  (Think of it as a bit of a riddle, but it is based on something you revealed to me in your last letter...about a Mr. Darcy!)

Lady Anna, Lady Alaina, Lady Nina, and Lady Virginia....these are on their way to your mail boxes.

If you have written me, I will be working on a response to you as well.

Write Letter ,
Write Often.

Lady Pamela

Winter Pen Friend Sign Ups NOW

Deadline For Winter Pen Friend Exchange:

Monday Janurary 16th,  2017

Just a reminder that the Winter Pen Friend Exchange will be winding up as far as sign ups go on this coming Monday, 1/16/17.  After that there will be a waiting list.  Here is a link to the application that must be filled out  and information for joining the Society.

So what would Jane do?  Why she would join the Jane Austen Letter Writing Society, of course!!!!

Don't Delay!

Lady Pamela

Friday, January 6, 2017

The Art Of Keeping Warm

The Art of Keeping Warm, Literary--ily Speaking!

The east coast, and possibly much of the country is under a storm warning...we may get up to 8 inches of snow.  I know, I folks in the north and midwest are crying out at a mere 8 inches.   However, Richmond IS the gateway to the SOUTH!  It shouldn't be that cold here!  So it is time to break out the socks!  And not ANY socks will do... especially when these gorgeous Jane Austen quotation socks are available!

I had to grab my "Emma" from my 16 year old son's room.  Yes you heard that correctly, my 16 year old son is taking British literature and was assigned to read Emma last semester.  He was nearly finished with the book when we decided to watch the  1996 Gwyneth Paltrow movie together.  He absolutely loved it, and it cleared up some of the nuances  of language that he wasn't quite getting by reading.  Actually, I didn't know he laid hold of  my favorite edition....the edges are curled a bit, but that is a SMALL price to pay to have a 16 year old boy read Austen!  

The Jane Austen Quote on the sock reads:  "I declare after all there is no enjoyment like 
reading." Jane Austen  

I couldn't agree more!

Teavana White Chocolate Peppermint Tea (to die for, delicious!)

After taking this picture....I had to grab a mug and fill it to the brim to warm my hands.  That is the down side to living in a 100 year old Virginian farm house.  So grab your socks, hot beverage, a favorite Jane Austen Book and hunker down...that's the art of staying warm!

Stay warm!

Write Letters 
Write Often,

Lady Pamela

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Winter Pen Friend Sign Ups Happening NOW!

Customized  Literary Pen Friends...

It IS possible!!!

It is time for the WINTER  Pen Friend Exchange!  This is where I personally select a pen friend for you based on your completed application.  The application (see the menu bar at the top of this page to access the form) allows me to match you according to your preferences.  This is not a perfect system, but I do try my best.

If you have participated in the Pen Friend Exchange before, please be so kind as to send me your application again, it just makes it easier for me.  
Directions:  1. Fill out  the "application form" (at the top of the page, menu bar) --don't forget to take the "Which Jane Austen Heroine  Are You?" quiz which is located in the side bar of this blog. This will help you fill out the application form, question #9.  2.Then  copy the completed application and paste it into an email. Send the completed application form to me at :  The deadline for applications is:  January 16th, 2016.
I will be monitoring my email box :  and begin processing the applications.    You might not get a response from me immediately, but I hope to start working on them this week.    You will be notified of your pen friend after the January deadline.  It usually takes me close to a week to get it all worked out.  :-).  I do this the old fashioned way...someday I'll have to do a blog post on this process, as I really amaze myself that it all works out so well.  Try to be as specific about yourself as possible in the application...this allows me to better match you, but also remember that we all must be flexible too.  Many of you want international pen friends, but sometimes I run short of those applicants.  If I run into a real problem, I will usually notify you per email.
There are a couple of new questions on the Pen Friend Application Form.  I would like to highlight question # 12 :  Do you enjoy writing letters, and would you be willing to commit to writing a Pen Friend over the next 4 months?  ______________________________

As in any letter writing society, there is an element of commitment involved.  I do understand that life events happen.  I do understand that we sometimes over commit and  then need to pull out of commitments.  So, all that being said, I would like for you to understand your commitment before sending in your application.  I do not want this to become burdensome  to anyone, however, if someone you agree to write, sends you a letter, please be courteous enough to reply.  I would  also like to be so bold as to say, over the course of 4 months, let's try to send at least 1 letter a month over this Pen Friend exchange.  I really do not think that this is too much, do you ?   So, if you don't think your schedule will allow you to send  at least 1 letter a month, please refrain from joining the society  at this point.  Your schedule may free up in the future, and we would be more than happy to have you join then.  Of course, you may send as MANY letters as you like , I am just trying to establish a minimum, so as not to disappoint our members.  After you are matched with your customized Pen Friend, you will receive their email address, at this point it would be good to establish your expectations with your pen friend.  If for any reason you run into a life emergency and must withdraw from the Society, please notify your Pen Friend, AND myself as soon as possible.  I do keep a waiting list running to help in these situations.  
One final note, I want you to know that the Jane Austen Letter Writing Society's mission is to promote thoughtful, meaningful communication through the handwritten letter .  Although I promote the elegant aspect of letter writing (I love vintage items connected to letter writing) , it is to by no means eliminate people who do not have access to stationery or other writing implements.  The emphasis should always be on the content of the letter.  So, if you possess the ability to write a good letter, and love to discuss literary classics (particularly Jane Austen!), you are more than welcome!  If you feel like you are a bit rusty with your letter writing skills,  still consider  joining the society, to help improve your skills!

Any questions?  Please leave your comments below or email me directly at

Visit my Etsy Store for  my Jane Austen themed letter Writing kits, and other Jane Austen themed snail mail supplies!

I look forward to a new Pen Friend Exchange!

Lady Pamela

Friday, December 9, 2016

The Model Letter Writer

Are you a Model Letter Writer?

The Model Letter Writer
Or, Art of Polite Correspondence 
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Containing A 
Complete Essay on Letter Writing,
Also A Course Of Interesting Letters On



This book is AMAZING!  Never mind that the book is literally  crumbling in my very hands, it is a gem in the rough.   What really caught my eye was the introduction which is a 28 page Essay on Letter Writing.  Oh yes, this is definitely up my ally.  

I hope to give my readers little snippets of this charming book over time.  But, dear reader, be sure to have a dictionary close at hand.  You will find, sadly, that our vocabulary has quite shrunk over time.   So let us begin with a portion from the Essay.


Conciseness is one of the charms of letter -writing: we do not mean to say that a letter should not contain sufficient facts , ideas, and feelings; but they ought to be as briefly expressed as perspicuity and elegance will permit.  If we encounter an idea with verbiage, it loses it power.  There are some persons who, when they express a feeling or a thought, of which simplicity should be the charm, clothe it with all the verbs they possess: this is like wearing one's whole wardrobe at once;the figure is lost in the mass of drapery.  Lengthened periods are as much out of place in a letter as they would be in conversation, of which letters may be called the prototype; for they tire the reader even more than they would the hearer : when written, their faults are also perceived with much less difficulty than when spoken.  Our style of course, may rise with our subject: but all parade of words should be dropped in a familiar epistle.  The death of a friend  or relation , a calamity, or any circumstance of grave importance should not be communicated in the same manner as a trifling occurrence , or even a happy event: brevity, in these cases , is beauty; in those it would be deemed unfeeling and abrupt.  "You ask me to send you news of your favorite school-fellow, Harriet:--she is married."  This mode of communicating such an even is unexceptionable: but it would be most improper to state the death of a person in the same manner;that is, by merely substituting "dead" for "married."  In announcing the death if a friend, we should communicate the fact in a way comporting with the gravity of the subject as thus--"It is with melancholy feelings I reply to your inquiries respecting our old school-fellow, Charles Grosvenor.  A few weeks ago he was the animated and intelligent companion of all around him,but he was seized with a typhus fever , the violence of which baffled the skill of his physicians, and terminated his life last week, at the house of his father."

But in aiming at the acquirement of an elegant and easy brevity, it is incumbent on us at once to avoid falling into a rugged or an enigmatical style, and becoming so concise as to be unintelligible.  Boileau, echoing Horace, says, "J evite d'ĂȘtre long ,et je divines obscure."  This is a fault which must be avoided; it is even better to be prol 'x and intelligible than brief and obscure.

To an absent friend, an elaborate letter will be most welcome: a stranger, a superior , or a person of whom the writer is seeks something, will recoil from a "folio of four pages" and, perhaps, throw it aside unread ,or, at best, but slightly skimmed over.  When the party, to whom a letter is addressed , is uninterested in the subject on which it is written, the writer  of it should display a brevity, which will attract attention, and insure a perusal :  no unnecessary ornament should be used, nor , in fact, anything introduced but what is important and bears strongly on the case stated, or the inquiry made.

All these little personal details and trifling circumstances which are so delightful in a letter from a friend, would fatigue and disgust a stranger, or a superior, to whom they are destitute of interest.

Lessons I learned from this portion:  
1.  Too  much flowery talk in a letter loses power.
2.  There is a balance between too much information and too little.  Avoid coldness with excessive conciseness.
3. Be sure to approach subjects of gravity (death of a friend, calamity ) with great care and sensitivity.
4.  Be conscience of your relationship with  the  recipient .  If the recipient is a total stranger,  then there needs to be brevity and  a "getting to the point" in the letter.

I hope you have enjoyed this little lesson on letter writing from the past.

Write Letters,
Write Often,

Lady Pamela

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Black Friday Special ....Thank you!

Thank you !

I hope everyone has had a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving!  Now is everyone ready for some Black Friday shopping?  If you have been looking to get a Jane Austen Letter Writing Society Kit....this is your best opportunity!   All 10 of my themed Letter Writing Kits are on Sale!  Starting at midnight tonight use the code:   BLACKFRIDAY10 to get a total of 20% off any of my kits at my Etsy Store: LostArtRevived.  Have a wonderful rest of your holiday,

Write Letters,
Write often!

Lady Pamela

Monday, November 21, 2016

Making Mail Monday

Let's make some MAIL!

Here is a new envelope that I just made using some pages from Pride and Prejudice and my rubber stamps.  Oh this is a good page...dialogue with Elizabeth and devious careful Elizabeth....don't fall for it!!!   Seriously, in my home we often categorize  people according to literary figures.  Have you ever done that? Dickens is GREAT for this as well as Jane Austen.  I think they both had keen insights into human nature.  So we have had our encounters with "Wickhams" trying to get to our daughters-- (I have 6 beautiful daughters, that we , my husband and I , protect fiercely!).  We have met good natured, generous , "Mr. Bingly's",  and it goes on.

Here is a little project that I did to add to my letters as little "tuck-ins".    Tea and Jane Austen...what could be better?

Here are  a few orders that went out recently with Jane Austen Kits!  You can purchase yours at my Etsy Store.  All my letter writing kits are ON SALE right now... perfect for holiday giving!

Here are some Jane Austen necessities that I have in my Etsy Store !   Top left:  The Complete Jane Austen Letter Writing Kit, which includes a wax seal, and a stick of wax! Top Right:  Variety of Jane Austen Stickers.  Bottom Left:  My very popular Jane Austen Mini Kit! and Bottom Right:  a pack of 4 Jane Austen "mail tag cards".  

The Jane Austen Letter Writing Society....a place for kindred spirits!


Write Letters,
Write often!

Lady Pamela