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Jane Austen Letter Writing Society
Pen Friend Application

Typically, Pen Friend Exchanges are held in January, May, September.  I do have running waiting lists for those who may miss an exchange.

JALWS   Pen  Friend  application form:  Please Cut and Paste this form into an email body and send completed as an email to :

***This is a very distinct, specialized Pen Friend exchange. It is a Literary group that enjoys Jane Austen's literature and other classic literature.  We like to discuss her writings along with our life. If you have not read any of her books, please do not apply at this time.  Find one of her books and then enjoy reading it, and then apply to the JALWsociety.  

*** Please note:  This is not a match making site.  If you are signing up for any other purpose other than to enjoy a friendly letter exchange, please seek elsewhere.

***Wait!!  Have you taken the "Which Jane Austen Heroine Are You" quiz?  It is located on the Right Side Bar of my blog and it will help you to answer question: #9

1.  Name  First:  _________________Last_________________
2.  Email Address:_____________________________________
3.  Post Address:

**Be sure to include street number, any PO box numbers, apt. numbers…Zip codes, and Country!

4.   Your Age group:   ___________
 46 +

5.  Age  group you would like to correspond with:  _________

6.   Would you like  to correspond with a pen friend  from any country?   Yes ___     No___

7.  Do you want a pen friend  from your  country  only?  Yes___       No___

8.  What hobbies do you enjoy?  _______________________________

9.  What is your favorite Jane Austen Novel?_______________

10. If you were a Jane Austen character in one of her novels…which one would it be?  ________________________________________________________________________________

11.  Do prefer to write a specific Jane Austen Heroine?  (I will try to accommodate!)____________

12.  Do you enjoy writing letters, and would you be willing to commit to writing a Pen Friend over the next 4 months?  ______________________________

13.  Any additional comments that might help me match you up with a pen friend suited to your tastes.

This completes the application. Thank you for your interest.  You will hear from me shortly.

Lady Pamela


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