Thursday, January 28, 2016

Announcing Pen Friend Sign Ups for February-April

A Scene Out Of A Book

I had received a letter before the holidays from one of my pen friends.  Included in the letter was a pretty sketch of Jane Austen.  I decided to respond to the letter with a picture out of The Jane Austen ten Guide to Life by Lori Smith,  and the charming illustrations are  by David Grant.  So out came my water colors and away I went.  I wish I could have done more justice to the sketch, but it is what it is.

A Jane Austen Quote...always a nice touch!

And the Letter Writing Society's official wax seal!

After my letter was written with a dipping pen ... and I included of course, Tea for two!  I had thought of sending this envelope in a clear cello bag, but  opted instead to just spray with some Krylon Kamar varnish on to protect it through its journey.

It is time to announce the next round of Pen Sign ups!   What say ye? If you are reading this, and would love to create lovely letters  (ha, ha, illustrations are not required!) to send to someone, then  go ahead and fill out the pen friend application  (you just need to copy it into an email) and forward me your completed application at   Let's have the cut off by February 11th.  That is a two week time period.  So let your friends know about the sign up and let the letter writing begin!

Write Letters
Write Often,

Lady Pamela

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  1. What a gorgeous blue teapot! The spoons are also quite dreamy.