Thursday, January 12, 2017

Outgoing Austen Mail!

I've Been Busy....

Here is some of my recent Outgoing Austen Mail.  I am very behind on my letter writing, but I am slowly getting caught up.  Once I get started, I can hardly stop, it is so much fun!  I love every aspect of it, from the reading of YOUR letter , from  selecting/or making my stationery, penning a response, to making a lovely envelope...I love it all.

I even decided, during our snow storm, to burn the midnight oil.  It was so cozy sitting at my desk while snow was falling softly outside.  I love this desk, it is one of 5 that we have in our home.  But this is my favorite one.  Writing by candlelight is one of the most relaxing activities one can do.  Give it a try.

Here is a long overdue letter to Lady Anna.  She has been so patient and is such  a lovely correspondent.
It is going across  the pond to the great UK!

Tied with twine, sealed with wax.    I put these letters into clear cello bags.

This letter has a page from Pride and Prejudice...Nina, see if you can figure WHY I chose this particular scene out of P&P for you!  (Think of it as a bit of a riddle, but it is based on something you revealed to me in your last letter...about a Mr. Darcy!)

Lady Anna, Lady Alaina, Lady Nina, and Lady Virginia....these are on their way to your mail boxes.

If you have written me, I will be working on a response to you as well.

Write Letter ,
Write Often.

Lady Pamela


  1. I adore that photo of your desk. My own desk is a bit helter skelter and I have resorted to writing at my dressing table. I await your letter with anticipation!

    1. I only wish it STILL looked that great. I must be about tidying it up again today!

  2. Squee! Received today, and pretty as can be! XOXOX

    1. And yes, it is the perfect page from Pride and Prejudice... :-)

  3. Although I am not a member of your society I think of you and Anna when I come across such bits as this:


  4. I noticed you had a waiting list for letter writing. Is that still open? I would very much like to be on the waiting list.

  5. I was looking for images of writing + Jane Austen and found your beautiful desk image, and your wonderful blog!

    I have been concerned about using sealing wax. I used it as a teenager, but now that everything is mechanized, I've been told that the wax seals get broken as the letter zooms through the machines to be sorted. Have you had this problem?