Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Making Of Jane Austen Mail!

Some Recent Outgoing 
Jane Austen Mail

I've been enjoying making envelopes and sealing them with my new Jane Austen silhouette brass seal!   It takes quite  a bit of wax for this rather large seal.  But definitely worth it!

What ideas  do you have  for including in your Austen mail to make it "Austen Happy Mail"?  Here are a few I ideas I use: 

1.  a package of flower seeds
2.  a card with your mail tag questions
3.  stickers
4.  Die cuts, tags, fun things! 
5.  Tea, chocolate

Envelopes can be made using paper bought at any craft store, I use 12 X 12 paper and an envelope template.  But here pictured, the envelope is made from a damask kraft bag, tied with a bit of twine.  

These can be purchased here!

Here are some lovely letters that have been circulating around the Jane Austen Letter Writing Society on social media (Instagram).  So many charming letters!   If you would like to have your mail featured ,post them on  IG:   #Janeaustenletterwritingsociety .  I will post as many as possible!

Several of you may have corresponded with Lady Heather...she sends lovely mail!  And look at her Jane Austen postage!!!  I definitely needed  some of this in my life, so I put an order in for my own customized stamps!  You can get yours here   Thanks Lady Heather!

Several new posts are in the works, so check back soon!

Write Letters
Write Often,

Lady Pamela


  1. Lovely! ...and I love it that two of your IG photos are letters that were sent to me! I've truly been blessed with some great mail. This is such a fun way to be creative, communicate, and keep our USPS in business! (As well as Hobby Lobby...ha!) I've got your new JALWS products on my Etsy wishlist and will be directing my husband accordingly for my October birthday. hahaha! :)

    1. You have had very good pen friends! And, direct, direct those dear husbands out there!! :-)

  2. I love my Jane Austen stamps! My sweet daughter got them for my birthday. 😊 I am glad that you have some too! Everyone needs Jane Austen stamps! 😁