Tuesday, October 17, 2017

To Stamp Or Not To Stamp

My new Jane Austen wax seal!

I purchased this wax seal  from the website: Stamptitude.

Mine was a custom order, but the process was relatively simple.

With my seal being a custom order, and that fact that this company is based in Hong Kong, it did take a few weeks to receive.  I was pleased with the packaging when it arrived...so elegant!  I got to work on making my Jane Austen Silhouette seal right away.  This seal takes a bit more wax than others, so my first attempts were rather poor.  But practice is definitely the key to success!

I am very pleased with the results!  Thank you Stamptitude!  I am sure that this wax seal will quickly become one of my favorites!

Write Letters,
Write Often,

Lady Pamela

Available in the shop...


  1. Any interest in taking orders and adding to either your shop or have private sales??

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