Monday, September 11, 2017

Roll Call,Hurricanes, Jane Austen, and A Waiting List...

Waiting List and Roll Call!

Well, its time for a little chit chat now that I am FINALLY done with all the lovely match making I have been doing with the Fall Pen Friend Exchange!  Unfortunately it took me nearly twice as long as expected  because of the total number...70.  That means inputting 70 applications,  and many more emails.  By the time I am finished, I have usually sent you anywhere from  3-4 emails.  Another reason for the delay was the holiday weekend  which put me behind yet another 2 days.  But It is now done, so please check your email and make contact with your partner, and thank you one and all for your amazing patience!
Roll Call
Here is some information about WHO has participated this exchange.  We had the following countries represented.  Isn't it lovely to see that the world over appreciates the wit and humor of Jane Austen?  I find her canny insights into human nature transcends cultural barriers.  People are people, no matter your geographical situation, or station in life, and I think that this diversity of participation proves this line of thinking.

Northern Ireland
United Kingdom
The Netherlands
As I was sending out the emails the last couple of days, I noticed that we had quite a representation from Florida--5 to be exact.  I am praying that you are all safe.  And for those of you with a pen friend from Florida, please be patient as they may not have electricity  and possibly have lost much more because of   hurricane Irma.  Hopefully it won't be too long before Texas AND  Florida are restored to normalcy.

Waiting List!
I know that I have already announced the waiting list on Instagram, but I want anyone who stumbles onto this page for the first time to know that it is not too late.  I have started a waiting list which will probably be open until the end of the month.   Please refer to a previous Blog Post for all the information about how to apply to the Society.

I think that this will do for now.  I hope that everyone is doing well, and enjoying this day.

Write Letters
Write Often!

Lady Pamela

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