Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tea With Jane, Books, and Letters!

The Making Of Pride And Prejudice...

We have had several days here in Central Virginia of heavy rains and very cool temperatures.  Today called for a hearty mug, not a delicate tea cup to take my tea . A cup of robust Chai and a nibble on one of these dense muffins of every sort of grain, or seed imaginable, and I am set! 

 I have been re-reading The Making of Pride And Prejudice, I think this is my third read  through.     The book is, of course, photo rich, and full of so many details  of the actual film making.   Just the fact that  the film project was on the back burner for oh, lets say, 11 years before production began is hard to imagine.  The book also chronicles all of the deadlines,  searches for the perfect houses,  procuring the period musicians (on period instruments), etc. etc  All of the dance scenes (Meryton assembly, and the Netherfield ball where musicians are shown , they  showed up and just played the music, absolutely NO practice beforehand.  The only exception to this was the fortepiano key board player.  He got a running start, receiving the score 2 days prior to filming!  It is such a delightful read, I highly recommend the book.

Do I have everyone settled for the  Nov. / Dec. Pen Friend Exchange?  Please let me know if you have not made contact with your pen friend.  I plan to get my letter out  by tomorrow.   Please feel free to leave comments below about how you plan to approach this round of letters.  Do you have any special topics of discussion?  Do you have any creative ideas to share?  Anyone doing the ghost writing challenge?   I am going to begin with an introduction letter, and go from there.  I have a special idea for December that I will be sharing later this month.  

Write Letters,
Write Often,

Lady Pamela

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