Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tea Fit For A Queen!

Tea Party In A Box!

Look what arrived in my absence !!!  A charming parcel from the ROYAL MAIL!

It  arrived while I was in the Blue Ridge Mountains...working as a camp counselor for teens!  What a lovely time I had...more about that later at my blog:  Lost Art Revived.

Oh my!  A quick glimpse, and yes,  it is from Lady Anna M of Herefortshire , UK and the blogger of Billetdoux & Little Mercuires  but I was not truly prepared for what awaited me !

I have been summoned to tea with the QUEEN!  Yes, this is a  "tea party in a box" to commemorate Queen Elizabeth's  II 90th birthday!  This is sheer delight!

The invitation is beautiful and befitting for a Queen's birthday...

and very British!  :-)  A tea towel from Buckingham Palace...another delicate towel, with splendid design...  Union Jacks everywhere, biscuits (cookies)....Oh it so reminds me of my visit to Buckingham Palace   a few years back!

Here is a tour of the contents of my "tea party in a box".  It was all wrapped so elegantly and fetchingly done.   I begin with the tea for two.

Look at this darling shortbread cookie. with a nutella sample.  LOVE <3

What could this darling be?

Ahh...yes.  Cubed sugar for our tea...of course!

To balance the sweet, we must have some savory on the menu!

And if all of this wasn't enough...the party box also included a delightful bunting to hang on the table, as pictured above.  

I believe this is ALL that was in this very small box...how did it all fit?  Is she a magician?  Again, it was and is  all loveliness!

Have I had my tea party yet?  No .  I am beginning to make my preparations, securing the location, considering who to invite...oh it will be grand.  And of course, that will be another post!  

Thank you from the depths of my heart, Lady Anna.  What a thrill to receive one of your "Tea Party in a Box" parcels.  It all arrived in perfect condition, and will be enjoyed thoroughly!

Let's Go British!
Send parcels across the pond!
And of course, 
Write Letters,
Write Often,

Lady Pamela


  1. Lady Pamela, I'm happy your tea party has arrived and that everything survived the journey. I hope you'll enjoy your tea as much as I enjoyed putting it all together.

    1. Oh Yes, Lady Anna! I am off to have our tea party with a dear friend, and my daughter will be accompanying me. We will be setting up at her little place...so I am currently busy with tea party preparations to take in my basket....I will be posting the results! Thank you again!

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