Friday, September 1, 2017

Outgoing Vintage Pink and Gold Folio Mail

Outgoing Letter...

I recently decided to make a few folio book mailers.  This is the first one that has gone out...all the way to Finland!  I chose pink and gold, because it is so pretty.  I love the moss green velvet and coral rose charm.  

Here is my letter all tied up with string with a few vintage items. This letter has a wrapper made of a couple pages from Pride and Prejudice.

Here it is completely folded out to see.  There is a few items to share and a bag of tea behind the "Time for a Cup of Tea" card.

I usually put my letters in-between  one of the folds of the mailer, as my letters are a bit lengthy or are written on heavier paper  which do not fold up so flat.  This lovely letter was addressed and sent to Finland...unfortunately, it never arrived.  However, you never know, it could still make its way!  I had a letter addressed to Belgium and somehow it wound up in the Bahamas and then eventually to Belgium!!  You never know!

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Lady Pamela

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  1. Your letters are always so gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much , are so sweet to say so. This letter never reached its destination....Finland, but I actually DID get it returned to me. The address TO the recipient was not on the package when I received it. $13.95...down the drain. I will attempt it one more time. :/

  2. I'm a pink lover from way back;)And it goes so well with gold. Just so pretty!!

    1. Glad to hear from other "Pink" lovers. I just can't shake my love for pink!

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