Friday, April 8, 2016

March Musings of a Jane Austen Fan...

March Musings

The month of March was a strange one for central VA.  We had this little bit of snow, which I snapped from my front parlor window, then we had temperatures as high as 85 degrees!  The snow made me long to sit at my desk and pen some letters and try to create some lovely mail.

This lovely card came from Lady Carolyn who is a member of our Letter Writing Society and has been making all sorts of beautiful mail!  I received this lovely "thank you " card from her.  

She used some of the supplies  from my Jane Austen Letter Writing Kit.  (Smile)  I have several items for sale in my Etsy store which will help you send beautiful Austen themed mail!  

Here I have assembled some items that just beg me to create something beautiful to mail out.  If you have sent or received any lovely letters and you want to share them here, please take a picture of the letter and  forward it to me at : and I will gladly post it!

We are now in April and  surprisingly we have SNOW again  in our forecast!  Good.  It will draw me back to my desk!

Write letters,
Write often!

Lady Pamela


  1. Hi Miss Pam, I sent you a letter two days ago! Hope you get it soon!

    1. I certainly was lovely! I will be writing you soon!