Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jane Austen Letter Writing Society Pen Friend Meet Up!

Do You Love A Good Tea Room?

We were DETERMINED to find a tea room that would take a last minute reservation.  The local tea room in my community was booked.  The prospects were bleak...but a quick call to The Eclectic Cottage Tea Room, netted results.  And that is just what two members of the Jane Austen Letter Writing Society needed at this Pen Friend meet up!

Each table had a different decor.  If we sat at this table, perhaps we would have typed up a letter or two while waiting for the high tea.

Perhaps this table is reserved for the "Red Hat Society" tea .  

Oh, bring it on.  I love fru fru....the more the better.  I also just love pink.

The tea fare was rather nice.   We had a nice chat as we enjoyed the delicacies.

We had an on looker....Audrey thought it was breakfast time....

It was a delightful pen friend meet up.  Sheryl is from Massachusetts,  and I live in central Virginia, so this does not happen often.  But if the distance didn't exist then perhaps we would have never been  pen friends all these years.  What about you?  Have you ever had a pen friend meet up?

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Lady Pamela


  1. Fantastic! Years ago I met my childhood pen pal when I went to Sweden. Why oh why did we lose touch??

    1. It is so important to keep in touch, isn't it, but sometimes difficult too.

  2. I think this is next to Stir Crazy Café, where I spent many an hour while my daughter took art lessons nearby. I'll have to try this place!!

    1. Yes it is! Right across the street. You will definitely have to try the tea room.