Saturday, August 6, 2016

Jane Austen Flip Book--Lady Cornell

Here is my most recent letter to my pen friend. This is the flip book from the Flip Book Tutorial  that I recently posted.  I decided to send her some things that she could possibly use in a future craft, or letter.

Let's not forget the tea!

Additional pages were attached by washi tape.

The Letter was  written on such thick paper that it was  a bit difficult to fold properly.

Yes, happy day!

I worked a charm "lock" onto the ribbon.

This flip book was sent into the mail by  placing it in a clear cello bag.  Postage was placed at the Post Office.

Write Letters,
Write Often

Lady Pamela


  1. Love these Pamela, I love your wax stamp. I have bought one and I love it :) I so enjoy visiting your pages...
    Love ~ Lady Anne xxx

    1. Oh, I LOVE wax stamps. I just think they add such a nice touch. Thank you!

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