Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Tea With Jane...and Listing!

Listers Gotta List...Even Janeites!

How is everyone today?  I have my spot of tea...and as you can see I have already dribbled a few drops on this lovely book cover.  Don't you just love the "look" of this book?  It is a handy  quick reference to just about everything "Austen"!

It is particularly helpful in the listing of all her family members during  her lifetime.  I love to read her letters, and as she mentions names of her family, this is a great resource to have at my side to keep it all straight.

Actually it is an overall handy resource to have when reading her novels, or her biography.  It helps to keep all the facts compiled in a nice neat place.

Do you want to know...

What she wore?
What flowers grew in her garden?
What books she owned?
How she spent her day at Chawton?

And so many more!  I absolutely love this book!  

Have a lovely day,

Lady Pamela

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