Monday, November 21, 2016

Making Mail Monday

Let's make some MAIL!

Here is a new envelope that I just made using some pages from Pride and Prejudice and my rubber stamps.  Oh this is a good page...dialogue with Elizabeth and devious careful Elizabeth....don't fall for it!!!   Seriously, in my home we often categorize  people according to literary figures.  Have you ever done that? Dickens is GREAT for this as well as Jane Austen.  I think they both had keen insights into human nature.  So we have had our encounters with "Wickhams" trying to get to our daughters-- (I have 6 beautiful daughters, that we , my husband and I , protect fiercely!).  We have met good natured, generous , "Mr. Bingly's",  and it goes on.

Here is a little project that I did to add to my letters as little "tuck-ins".    Tea and Jane Austen...what could be better?

Here are  a few orders that went out recently with Jane Austen Kits!  You can purchase yours at my Etsy Store.  All my letter writing kits are ON SALE right now... perfect for holiday giving!

Here are some Jane Austen necessities that I have in my Etsy Store !   Top left:  The Complete Jane Austen Letter Writing Kit, which includes a wax seal, and a stick of wax! Top Right:  Variety of Jane Austen Stickers.  Bottom Left:  My very popular Jane Austen Mini Kit! and Bottom Right:  a pack of 4 Jane Austen "mail tag cards".  

The Jane Austen Letter Writing Society....a place for kindred spirits!


Write Letters,
Write often!

Lady Pamela

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