Thursday, November 17, 2016

Making Mail...Jane Austen Style!

The Society is in FULL Swing!

The Jane Austen Letter Writing Society Pen Friend  (Fall)Exchange is in full swing!  We had 50 people that signed up for the exchange. I need to get some stats out about the participants like I did for the first Pen Friend exchange.  It is always fun to discover more about what a JALWS member is like.    I did not get paired up this time around, but thought instead, that I would send out letters to various members of the society.  So I thought that I would begin by making some envelopes and getting a little happy mail started.  I found a good sale at Michael's on the scrapbook paper to make my envelopes.  I adore the black and white patterns...just so classy!

And of course, I can never pass up the matching embellishments...I believe I picked these up at Hobby Lobby.  So cute.  I think I am good for now on washi tape...I'll have to get a picture of my supply sometime soon to share.  Where do you purchase your washi?  Many times I order mine from Etsy stores.  Other times I just pick it up where I can.

I do wish I had more Jane Austen Quote rubber stamps.  "Come on , Etsy!"  Someone do this...Please?? 

 I  believe this letter pictured above went out to Lady Nina Ruth.  She is such a lovely lady...she came to my rescue  when one of the society member could not get in touch with her pen friend.  And thank you to Lady Sheryl for the same thing.  You dear ladies are such a blessing!

Do you have any interesting mail to share?  Are you enjoying having a happy mail box?  You may share your photos with me at  I'd love to put together a post of all your experiences.

Write Letters
Write Often,

Lady Pamela

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