Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tea With Jane...and letters!

Tuesday Tea Time and Letters!
Autumn Tea...

I just got a box of "seconds" from an apple orchard.  Yesterday I spent the day in the kitchen making apple pie filling to freeze.  The whole house smelled of the wonderful aroma of cinnamon and tart apples.  But with all of that standing ... my sore feet were asking for a bit of a break, and so the kettle went on!  Spiced Apple Cider tea seemed to fit the bill.  Today, with the lingering memories of apple fragrances, the same tea  will be my tea of choice.

And you know ,of course, that it is not healthy to take tea alone.  It is always best to invite a guest.  Mr. Tea was just "hanging around" so  he naturally  was invited.

We have very autumn-ish weather happening here in central Virginia.  Temperatures are cool and the promise of rain is inevitable. This is definitely "snuggle down with a book" sort of day. What book are you reading right now? Currently, I am still reading The Jane Austen Guide To Life, and still enjoying it. Now, I realize that all great readers are not necessarily  letter writers, but I believe there might be a strong correlation for this:  All great  letter writers are usually bibliophiles!

I find that reading seems to inspire me for letter writing. I'm not sure if it is the dialog, vocabulary, or just the remarkable descriptions in so much good literature that keeps  me reaching for my pen and paper.  But I certainly notice the beneficial effect of reading and writing. I have plenty of correspondence to catch up with and am currently working on an organizational system to keep me from slipping into epistolary debt.  Not really being able to relate to Jane Austen's being a lady of leisure, I find that  trying to just keep order in all areas of my life quite a challenge.

But back to this dreary, chilly, rainy day (outwardly).  Inside is warm and dry and inviting for my spot of tea,  a few pages of a good read, and always...letters.  And Autumn colors lend themselves to cheerful, delightful mail!  So find that stash of goodness and put them to use.

Write Letters,
Write Often!

Lady Pamela


  1. I was just recently reading about freezing apple pie filling. Have you done this before or is this your first go?

    I love your Mr.Tea fellow! He looks the cheerful sort who would make tea time even more special. Wherever did you find him?

    1. Yes! I just made several batches of apple pie filling for the freezer the other day. Delish! Mr. Tea can be purchased on Amazon!