Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tea With Jane Austen

Tuesday Tea Time And Letters

How has your Tuesday been?  I had a lovely cup of tea and started reading this delightful book by Lori Smith, The Jane Austen Guide To Life.  The book, described as " a light biography and guide...on everything from living our dreams, being a woman of substance, finding a good man, managing money, and more" certainly delivers.  I am enjoying its thoughtful, meditative style-- almost prosaic.  Perfect to snuggle up with on these chilly days and sipping a hot cup of  tea (in this case, Chocolate Chai).  And yes, I have laundry needing to be folded, dishes are in the sink, and papers need grading.  Those things can wait for I believe that there needs to be a time for loveliness and physical rest each day even if it doesn't amount to more than 15 minutes.  Do you concur?

After reading a bit about all the struggles Jane Austen endured with her writing, it made me feel ashamed of all the excuses I give for not pursuing my projects with the same ardor.  Did you realize that Jane Austen had been writing for 25 years before her first book was published?  Incredible.  I haven't read far into the book, but what I have read, I highly recommend.  

So my afternoon ritual of putting the kettle on , sipping tea, and reading a few pages from a good book gets me primed to sit down and write a letter to my own "dear Cassandra".  I am indeed blessed to have two sisters to write to.  To whom  will you be writing today?

Write Letters,
Write often,

Lady Pamela

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