Wednesday, July 6, 2016

French Provincial Mail Art!

From a Jane Austen Admirer...

I received this most exquisite mail package, some time ago.  It is written by Lady Isabelle, from France.  Her craftsmanship is outstanding.  She wrote a beautifully hand penned letter and is a Jane Austen admirer :-).  Her Calligraphy...flawless.  Lady Isabelle is an artist, and painter.  Her choice of papers is charming.  Done in the true French Provincial style!

Look at this paper crafting perfection!  All of it is loveliness!  Lady Isabelle took the time to write me in English with the aid of Google Translator. What a wonderful way to be able to correspond with someone who does not speak your language!  I will be doing the same!

Write Letters,
Write Often!

Lady Pamela


  1. This is so charming, the writing is superb. It is also colourful and bright and cheerful which always makes us feel happy doesn't it? Thank you for sharing with us Lady Isabelle's beautiful package...
    In gratitude ~ Lady Anne x

  2. Very nice post.really I apperciate your blog.Thanks for sharing.keep sharing more blogs.