Friday, July 8, 2016

Summer Letter Writing...

Writing On The Go!

I had three Jane Austen Letter Writing Society letters recently.  Lady Cornell is my summer pen friend, but I also received letters from two previous Pen Friend Exchanges (Lady Alaina's is not shown here).   I was off to the mountains for two weeks for Cabin Camp Counseling which would mean very little time (if any) for letter writing.  And I was right, as I was only able to write actually 2 letters.  

I did take some stamped graph paper, pens, and stamps in my mobile writing box.  But, alas...there was just no time to concentrate on letter writing.  Here is my letter, concocted  in the middle of the wilderness of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I only had my trusty  Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen.

When I tried to write on the envelope... the ink feathered something terrible.  The more I tried to "fix things", the worse it became!  I was missing my Sumi ink and my straight dipping pen.  But a letter was written, even without  my favorite supplies.  It can be done.  

Write Letters
Write Often,

Lady Pamela

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