Friday, July 22, 2016

My Letter To Lady Isabelle

Here is my most recent "accordion letter"  going off to Lady Isabelle in France.  You can see the  exquisite  mail  she sent me Here.  Some paper crafters refer to this as a "Folio" letter.  You can do a search and find more ideas.  If you are interested, here is another one I have done:  Accordion Letter

I have been looking for a good excuse to get out some of my supplies.

Oh dear.  The "not so good" edge punch job, is very noticeable in this photo.  I'm not sure how I got off on my punching, but I did.  You can see, I'm not a perfectionist.  

The card is a blank postcard that I received from a friend. It was not glued in, so that she could use it. The small envelope has some  cute washi samples to enjoy.

It is always "Tea Time" with Lady Pamela.  :-)

When you lift the  "You're My Cup Of Tea" card, there is an envelope with a tea bag of Twinings "English Breakfast Tea" for Lady Isabelle.

More pretties....I'm so delighted she likes Jane Austen!

I hesitated posting this photo...I do not like my hand writing.  I really need to get some lined paper to put under my writing, and then there are the cross throughs, etc. etc.   But I did want to show you that  I wrote a letter in FRENCH!  How lovely is that?  Thank you Google Translate!  I think the trick to getting a smooth translation is to  not use idioms, keep your speech straight- forward, etc.  I hope the letter made sense.  

The left side has a few Jane Austen tags, and an oval with her sillohuett , my letter was properly sealed with the Jane Austen Letter writing Society seal!

Here is a nice over  view of the project.  The  letter and tag sections ( previous photo) are on the reverse side.

I did put the accordion letter in a clear cello bag to mail.  I was pleasantly surprised that this rather large letter , weighing 3 + ounces went "large envelope"  international rate and only cost me $4.16 to mail!


  1. It's just lovely! I would like to try a folio letter soon, and I felt so pleased with myself when I asked for some letters I sent out yesterday to be hand-cancelled & have the yellow butterfly stamp - I had never heard of that until your blog! :+)

  2. Dear Pamela,
    I think your letter is Beautiful, I love your writing it looks very elegant. I also like your "accordion letter" design too.
    Thank you for sharing with us all.
    Love ~ Lady Anne xx

  3. Agreed, Lady Anne! I thought Pamela's penmanship lovely!

  4. Your handwriting is perfect. It's unlike any I have seen before. It is distinctively unique! :)

    1. Thank you Limner! You always have some encouraging words! I just want to visit you at least once a week to get pumped up again!

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